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    General Information

    The products in this line are made from 100% high quality durum grist (grano duro), water andit is egg-free. After kneading we shape them with pressure. They do not contain egg, the gold colour exhibitive of the durum flour, because they aregoing through the pre dryer which works with 120 °C steam on the still fresh dough. In the dryers we dry our product on 60-80 °C degrees. The dried products are going through the packaging machines to be in a saleable form. The closed packages will be placed in cardboard boxes. We offer all shape of the product line in 400g size.


    • The product line’s production and packaging only contains the ingrediens and packaging materials, which are permitted by the relevant hungarian office.
    • Does not contain any additives, texturizers, preservatives
    • Eggfree, so in case of allergy it is still edible.
    • Easy to digest, high-protein content, high waterabsorption capacity.
    • It contains vitamin A, B, E, and minerals, high infibre, so it will not lift the blood sugar level rapidly after digestion.
    • Short cooking time, 2–5 minute, depending onthe shape.
    • Long expiry date, 24 month from the productionday.

    INGREDIENTS: TDD durum wheat, water

    INGREDIENTS (TRICOLOR PASTA): TDD durum wheat, tomato purée, spinach powder, water

    Typical Value per 100g:

    Energy 1519 kJ/ 358 kcal
    Total fat 1,4 g
      of which saturates 0,3 g
    Carbohydrate 74,1 g
      amelyből cukrok 4,0 g
    Protein 12,2 g
    Salt 0,03 g

    Typical Value per 100g (TRICOLOR pastas):

    Energy 1496 kJ/ 352 kcal
    Total fat 1,0 g
      of which saturates 0,3 g
    Carbohydrate 73,9 g
      of which sugars 4,8 g
    Protein 11,9 g
    Salt 0,05 g

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